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Group 4_The Ghost of Our Past and our Future.mp4
Fiona, an established architect and daughter of a wealthy family
finds herself in a troubling position: her grandfather has left behind a valuable
pre-colonial heritage monument, now vulnerable to destruction in exchange for Hong
Kong's economic…

Group 1_Child Marriage in India.mp4
Dear all, welcome to our weekly radio programme, India Today. Gender inequality has always aroused debates and concerns all over the world. Especially in India, many are still fighting against women discrimination. Today, we would talk about child…


Group 2_Toilet Trek (With Subtitles).mp4
This is a video that explores the development of public toilets in Hong Kong and rural India. A time-traveling sci-fi story is first presented to introduce the public to some of the reasons why we need attention and enhancement to public toilet…

Group 5_Love across cultures.mp4
This is a love story between a Hong Kong girl and the son of a wealthy Indian businessman in the comic. On their road in love, they need to persuade their parents and adapt different culture between Hong Kong and Agra. Many happy, touched even angry…

Group 6_Farming more than its original meaning.mp4
This video mainly reflects our psychological changes on farming before and after
India trip and the real experience of farm work there. More importantly, it tells our
understanding of farming, both to individuals and the community as a…

4_Tell Me What You Want.mp4



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