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Welcome to the Common Core student work digital exhibition center! This virtual exhibition center was designed and created in partnership with the Digital & Multimedia Innovations project and Common Core of the University of Hong Kong (HKU) to showcase and archive digital products in all Common Core courses in the future. As the first exhibitions, the student works displayed and archived on here are from Student Learning Festival (2017-2018 Sem 2), which contains 12 participating Common Core courses from four Areas of Inquiry (AoIs).

There are four collections in this website, corresponding to the fours Areas of Inquiry (AoI) of the Common Core, i.e. AoI-Scientific and Technological Literacy, AoI-Arts & Humanities, AoI-Global Issues and AoI-China: Culture, State and Society. Each collection has three sub-collections representing the specific courses. The student works (items) belong to their courses collections and their AoI collections at the same time. Therefore, you can browse student works randomly or sort items by their title, date, tag, etc. in “Browse Items”. You can also hover over “Browse Collections” to explore the items from specific courses or AoI.

This exhibition center contains three exhibits: student artifacts, student posters and student videos. Please enjoy our exhibits!



The Common Core is a series of courses across four Areas of Inquiry for all HKU undergraduates. As with similar programmes at other world-class universities, the Common Core aims to help students to build friendships across the Faculties; to broaden their perspectives; and to develop the intellectual, social, and innovative skills that all of our graduates will need to address the complexities of 21st century life.  


In order to ensure a balanced exploration across fields of learning, the Common Core is divided into four Areas of Inquiry (AoIs): Scientific and Technological Literacy, Humanities, Global Issues and China: Culture, State and Society. As students progress, they will be developing means of making connections across the AoIs; between the campus, the city, the region, and beyond; and between the Common Core and your respective majors.

AoI - Scientific and Technological Literacy  The aim of raising students’ levels of scientific and technological literacy is to enable them to engage critically with knowledge and discourse on science and technology and to respond actively and appropriately to issues surrounding scientific and technological advancements.

AoI - Arts and Humanities  The aim of this AoI is to enable students to appreciate how intellectual, moral, material, aesthetic and spiritual aspects of human existence have been explored from critical, creative, historical and analytic perspectives, to think about the meaning of our own lives, and to seek wisdom and virtue, as embodied in the HKU motto: Sapientia et Virtus.

AoI - Global Issues  The aim of this AoI is to enable students to think globally and live as informed and active members of a global community.

AoI - China: Culture, State and Society  The aim of this AoI is to enhance the interest and intellectual ability of students in understanding China from past to present and from different disciplinary perspectives and to engage them in critical inquiries of the issues and problems faced by China.

To learn more about the Common Core, please visit this website.