Child Marriage in India


Child Marriage in India


Dear all, welcome to our weekly radio programme, India Today. Gender inequality has always aroused debates and concerns all over the world. Especially in India, many are still fighting against women discrimination. Today, we would talk about child marriage in India. With Miss Susan, a female activist in India, a story of a little girl Laura, victim of child marriage will be exposed. Living in a poor village in Agra, Laura was forced to get married at the age of 14, as many village girls were, and sacrificed her childhood. Is it tradition that drives the practice? Or is it rather a manifestation of inhuman social norms? What could be done to stop it from haunting children’s dreams? Remember that a further discussion with Susan will be presented in the later session, for us to understand more about the phenomenon of child marriage in India. Stay tuned!


Cathy, Cheung Cheuk Lam
Hanry, Ng Hau Yin
Miko, Yau Hau Lam
Jasmine, Zhang Nairong


(Special thanks:) Anisha Kulshreshtha


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