Student Videos


Exhibit Description

The videos are from two Common Core courses:

CCCH9051 - Digitizing Cultural Heritage in Greater China: This course aims to help students better recognize and appreciate the importance and values of cultural heritages in Hong Kong, China and around the world, and to open their eyes to how digital technologies can be used to conserve and preserve cultural heritage worldwide. Three digital preservation projects will serve as running examples throughout this course: one from Hong Kong (e.g., the King Yin Lei virtual reality website), one from Mainland China (e.g., the e-Dunhuang online gallery), and one from Europe (e.g., the Europeana digital collections). Students will also gain a broad understanding on how economic development and heritage preservation impact us as global citizens in this information age. 

CCST9060 - Exploring Human Longevity: In this course, we will explore the intersection between science, technology, ageing and longevity. Reviewing how modern medicine and science have already influenced a longer human lifespan, we will take an evidence-based approach to evaluate the science behind ageing and the promise of emerging technologies relating to prolonging life, ageing, and chronic diseases.

CCHU7003 - The Arts across Cultures: In this course, we will embark on an exciting journey to India. We will explore the diverse ethnic, religious, artistic and social realities of India by experiencing them in their own contexts. We will examine issues of Indian society, religious beliefs, economy, and globalization through music (Ravi Shankar’s “West meets East,” Sufi Rock), visual arts and crafts (Delhi street art, erotic art, block printing), body art (Mehndi), film (Bollywood and rap), architecture (Taj Mahal in Agra, Hawa Mahal in Jaipur), etc.

Through this interdisciplinary exploration, the students will learn the basic tools to critically reflect on the emergence and impact of human creativity and innovation in the context of the arts of India. This will be done, in part, through field trips to what is known as the Golden Triangle cities of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur. We will visit different socio-cultural settings in these three cities, engage in a wide range of experiential learning activities, and interact directly with local students and the community of the Dayalbagh Educational Institute (DEI) in Agra.

Students from HKU will partner with students from the DEI to investigate, reflect, and collaborate on a project focused on the crossover between arts and sciences, with a thematic focus on “Nature, Culture, and Cities.” In groups, students will work on issues of cultural diversity and their preservation, environmental issues and sustainable living, specific challenges Indian students face living in cities, and the arts, sciences and technology’s role in meeting those challenges. The aim is to develop an inquiry-based, interdisciplinary, and creative project that will be shared in the form of public dissemination event both in Agra and in Hong Kong.