CCHU9019-From Health to Well-being


CCHU9019-From Health to Well-being


Arts and Humanities


The aim of this course is for students to gain greater insight into the multi-dimensional aspects of health and to develop a more holistic and humanistic appreciation of health in both a personal and societal context. The course will encourage students to look critically at various models of health, to understand the complexities of health-related behaviours and to appreciate the possible roles played by politico-social forces, cultural change and spiritual disorientation in shaping well-being.


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Items in the CCHU9019-From Health to Well-being Collection

The Denial of Denying
This art piece is inspired by a song called “Brave” from Idina Menzel. In the song, it says, “And I might still cry, and I might still bleed, these thorns in my side … I can't be afraid, cause it's my turn to be brave.” It delivers the…

Access Denied
This sketch is an appropriation art of an online Photoshop artwork titled “Large (8)” by artist dibandgazbrothersis. To better illustrate the negative atmosphere, the creator chose pencil sketches to make use of the black-and-white color tone.

The sketch was inspired by the real scene that the creator has experienced. The creator created this art piece to reflect the anxiety after being denied, trying to restore that sorrowful scene.

The paper is a basic material of this sculpture. The creator glued the soft paper pieces one by one with his hands. Through the whole creating process, the creator wanted to show that by accepting himself (the parts that I wanted to hide and avoid),…

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