CCST9060- Exploring Human Longevity


CCST9060- Exploring Human Longevity


Scientific and Technological Literacy


In this course, we will explore the intersection between science, technology, ageing and longevity. Reviewing how modern medicine and science have already influenced a longer human lifespan, we will take an evidence-based approach to evaluate the science behind ageing and the promise of emerging technologies relating to prolonging life, ageing, and chronic diseases.


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Items in the CCST9060- Exploring Human Longevity Collection

The description of exploring human longevity
This poster shows the main introduction of the course (Exploring Human Longerity). The poster contains three parts: course description, course learning outcomes, and some graphs. The graphs in the middle contain: 1. Longevity Hotspots 2. The telomere…

This poster is about a project of what students would do if they are given 10 million dollars.

Live plus
VR device
1. Watch beautiful senery around the world
2. VR live talk with friends and family members

Product plan of using Anti-aging Tea Blends with 10k budget.

Logevity watch
1. DNA Analysis (Gene Sequencing)
2. Nutrition needs (Grocery shopping)
3. Meal time alarm

The video conducted a series of interviews with the creator's family and friends from young and old generation to compare their views on aging.

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