The Ghost of Our Past and Our Future


The Ghost of Our Past and Our Future


Fiona, an established architect and daughter of a wealthy family
finds herself in a troubling position: her grandfather has left behind a valuable
pre-colonial heritage monument, now vulnerable to destruction in exchange for Hong
Kong's economic development and road to modernization. "Why should I bother
protecting a building so outdated?", Fiona exclaims. Enraged with a multitude of
emotions, Crystal, Fiona's friend and conservation student, persuades Fiona to visit Tai
Kwun. Tai Kwun is a cultural and leisure site known for the integration of heritage and
contemporary architecture in Central. Little do they know, a supernatural Ghost of their
past and their future is watching them closely, eager to take them on an Indian


Ann He
Yung Tsz Ching (Christy)
Wan Hei Long (Cindy)
Yoonyoung (Helen) Chang


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