CCST9025-Genetics and Human Nature


CCST9025-Genetics and Human Nature


Scientific and Technological Literacy


The overall theme of this course is that genetics and evolution provide a useful perspective for understanding many important aspects of our lives, including our psychological makeup and how we relate to others. The course will draw on multiple intellectual disciplines – genetics, evolution, mathematics, statistics and psychology – to address the following fundamental issues.


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Collins, F. S. (2010). The language of life: DNA and the revolution in personalized medicine. New York: Harper.
Ridley, M. (1996). The origins of virtue. London: Viking.

Items in the CCST9025-Genetics and Human Nature Collection

Genetic test for people who have committed crime
This poster proposed a genetic test to monitor individuals who contain “Violent Gene” to help government identifying the potential criminals. In addition, the pros and cons of having the test have also been discussed. They believe the test should…

Implementing social security tax (SST) in Hong Kong
This poster analyzed implementing social security tax in Hong Kong, which contains three parts. First, they reviewed the definition of social harmony and current social problems in Hong Kong. Second, analyzed the impact of micro-level and…

Organ donation policy review
This poster reviewed organ donation policy. At first, the introduce the current situation of organ donation and discussed the reason why would people donate organs. And then, they raised two questions, “Is donation card useful?” and “What can…

Government policies to improve education based on knowledge of genetics and human nature
This poster introduces a way for government making policies to improve education based on knowledge of genetics and human nature, which contains four parts. They discussed the possibility of this approach from different angles based on the genetic…

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