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CCCH9027_01_Assimilation of Mongols.pdf
The poster contains three parts: To what extent is the autonomy of the Mongol community affected; Does economic development contribute to assimilating Mongolian people; and Does education promote cultural assimilation to Mongol people?

CCCH9027_02_Autonomy and Education in Tibet.pdf
The poster contains four parts: Under the education policy for ethnic minorities, how do the Tibetans benefit from the preferential treatment; To what extent does the PRC government encourage Tibetan language education in real practice; With…

CCCH9027_03_Causes and consequences of tension between PRC, and Uyghurs.pdf
The poster contains four parts: What are the discrepancies between the Central government’s portrayal of Uyghurs and who they actually are; How do government policies contradict the official constitutional rights of Uyghurs; and How has political…

CCCH9027_04_Chinese government and Mongolians.pdf
The poster contains four parts: What is the history and basis of establishment of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region; What are the similarities and differences between The Republic of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia in terms of their provision of…

CCCH9027_05_Employment of Uyghurs.pdf
The poster contains four parts: What are the government policies for the employment of the Han and the Uyghurs; How do government's employment policies differ between the han and the Uyghurs; How do the preferential policies in employment affect the…

CCCH9027_06_Ethnic Tourism in Yunnan.pdf
The poster contains three parts: Are the policies effective to protect minorities from exploitation; Does ethnic tourism marginalize ‘authentic’ minority culture; and Does the profit from tourism benefit the minority groups

CCCH9027_07_Koreans_ Opportunities and Challenges.pdf
The poster contains seven parts: Who are Koreans in China: Model minority; Education; Culture; Social & Economic opportunities; Identity; Chinese Koreans in the future.

CCCH9027_08_Rights of Uyghurs Stripped.pdf
The poster shows one of the China's ethnic groups, the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, containing four parts: Background, Tension, Right to religion, and Islam: Huis VS Uyghurs.

CCCH9051_Video production_3035442049_Cheung Tak Yee.mp4
The video has documented both artifacts and buildings in the Hong Kong Museum of Railway which is the cultural heritage in Hong Kong. Also, some insights of preservation of the cultural heritage, analysis of the current preservation situation and…

This documentary starts with a short introduction about one of the two remaining old-fashioned printing company in Hong Kong as well as the working principles of movable type printing. It then introduces the reasons for the disappearance of such…
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