In between agreement and freedom


In between agreement and freedom


This is a video that aim to probe into difference between Hong Kong and India in finding marriage partners and the social impact on people’s concepts of marriage and love. Amid dramatic modernisation and westernisation, the format of marriage remain dominated by arranged marriage, a tradition throughout the ages. We interviewed 3 Indian students who helped us to understand more about this unique feature in India.


Chow Chun Yin (Conrad)
Liu Yao Jun (Dora)
Jiang Xin Yan Joyce (Joyce)


Special thanks to:
Ashutosh Tomar - Advisor
Aravind Saran - Advisor
Varsala Singh - Advisor
Sanjana Vantaram - Interviewer
U.G.S. Balaji - Interviewer
Mansi Rawat - Interviewer


Chow Chun Yin (Conrad), Liu Yao Jun (Dora), and Jiang Xin Yan Joyce (Joyce), “In between agreement and freedom,” Common Core Digital & Multi-media Innovations (DMI), accessed April 1, 2023,