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This poster shows the output of the group project about Human Cloning.

This poster shows the output of the group project about Air Travel.

This poster shows the output of the group project about CELLDAR, a surveillance technology in UK.

CCCH9027_03_Causes and consequences of tension between PRC, and Uyghurs.pdf
The poster contains four parts: What are the discrepancies between the Central government’s portrayal of Uyghurs and who they actually are; How do government policies contradict the official constitutional rights of Uyghurs; and How has political…

The student poster analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of Plastic.

CCCH9027_04_Chinese government and Mongolians.pdf
The poster contains four parts: What is the history and basis of establishment of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region; What are the similarities and differences between The Republic of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia in terms of their provision of…

CCCH9051_10_Final Video Chan Mei Yin.mp4
This video introduces some background information of the bamboo theatre technique. It further talks about its value of being a cultural heritage as well as discusses the pros and cons of current and future preservation. The technique itself does not…

CCCH9043 Student Poems (7).pdf
The poem was written by a student throughout learning of the course (Chinese Poetry as Social Critique), which covers Chinese history, politics and poetry. Students were given the opportunity to experiment writing their own poetry in different forms…

CCCH9051_05_Noon Day Gun.mp4
The Noon Day Gun is an explosive reminder of Hong Kong’s British colonial past. Through exploring its historical and societal significance, this video hopes to foster appreciation and understanding of the cultural heritage and to analyse the role…

CCCH9051_04_Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal.mp4
A short video made by an undergraduate student about the historical significance of the Court of Final Appeal Building in Hong Kong in the past, present and future. The video also explores the current preservation context of the building both in…
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