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The sketch was inspired by the real scene that the creator has experienced. The creator created this art piece to reflect the anxiety after being denied, trying to restore that sorrowful scene.

CCCH9027_08_Rights of Uyghurs Stripped.pdf
The poster shows one of the China's ethnic groups, the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, containing four parts: Background, Tension, Right to religion, and Islam: Huis VS Uyghurs.

This poster reviewed organ donation policy. At first, the introduce the current situation of organ donation and discussed the reason why would people donate organs. And then, they raised two questions, “Is donation card useful?” and “What can…

This poster shows the output of the group project about Medical Abortion.

CCCH9027_05_Employment of Uyghurs.pdf
The poster contains four parts: What are the government policies for the employment of the Han and the Uyghurs; How do government's employment policies differ between the han and the Uyghurs; How do the preferential policies in employment affect the…

CCHU9019_02_access denial.png
This sketch is an appropriation art of an online Photoshop artwork titled “Large (8)” by artist dibandgazbrothersis. To better illustrate the negative atmosphere, the creator chose pencil sketches to make use of the black-and-white color tone.

This video is a short sketch that talks about the tradition that takes place in Tai Hang every year. The video will guide us on this journey to explore the interesting history of this incredible tradition.  It will also discuss how digitization of…

This documentary starts with a short introduction about one of the two remaining old-fashioned printing company in Hong Kong as well as the working principles of movable type printing. It then introduces the reasons for the disappearance of such…

This poster analyzed implementing social security tax in Hong Kong, which contains three parts. First, they reviewed the definition of social harmony and current social problems in Hong Kong. Second, analyzed the impact of micro-level and…

This poster shows the output of the group project about Guatemala and its national policy, which contains four parts: education, health, housing, and finance.
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