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CCCH9051_Video production_3035442049_Cheung Tak Yee.mp4
The video has documented both artifacts and buildings in the Hong Kong Museum of Railway which is the cultural heritage in Hong Kong. Also, some insights of preservation of the cultural heritage, analysis of the current preservation situation and…

This video introduces the Hong Kong Heritage Discovery Centre. It is a former site of Whitfield Barracks. It is worthy to preserve this site and promote it to the next generation as it has lots of values, including historical value, educational…

CCCH9027_05_Employment of Uyghurs.pdf
The poster contains four parts: What are the government policies for the employment of the Han and the Uyghurs; How do government's employment policies differ between the han and the Uyghurs; How do the preferential policies in employment affect the…

CCCH9027_06_Ethnic Tourism in Yunnan.pdf
The poster contains three parts: Are the policies effective to protect minorities from exploitation; Does ethnic tourism marginalize ‘authentic’ minority culture; and Does the profit from tourism benefit the minority groups

CCCH9027_07_Koreans_ Opportunities and Challenges.pdf
The poster contains seven parts: Who are Koreans in China: Model minority; Education; Culture; Social & Economic opportunities; Identity; Chinese Koreans in the future.

This video is a short sketch that talks about the tradition that takes place in Tai Hang every year. The video will guide us on this journey to explore the interesting history of this incredible tradition.  It will also discuss how digitization of…

This poster shows the output of the group project about User Privacy and the Facebook–Cambridge Analytica data scandal.

This poster shows the output of the group project about Factory Farming.

CCCH9043 Student Poems (10).pdf
The poem was written by a student throughout learning of the course (Chinese Poetry as Social Critique), which covers Chinese history, politics and poetry. Students were given the opportunity to experiment writing their own poetry in different forms…

This poster shows the output of the group project about Gene Therapy.
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