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1. How different stresses influence memory (improve and negatively affect).
2. How different cognitive parts affect memory: Hippocampus, amygdala.

This poster shows the main introduction of the course (Exploring Human Longerity). The poster contains three parts: course description, course learning outcomes, and some graphs. The graphs in the middle contain: 1. Longevity Hotspots 2. The telomere…

CCCH9051_05_Noon Day Gun.mp4
The Noon Day Gun is an explosive reminder of Hong Kong’s British colonial past. Through exploring its historical and societal significance, this video hopes to foster appreciation and understanding of the cultural heritage and to analyse the role…

CCCH9051_04_Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal.mp4
A short video made by an undergraduate student about the historical significance of the Court of Final Appeal Building in Hong Kong in the past, present and future. The video also explores the current preservation context of the building both in…

The student poster analyzed the advantages and controversies of Nuclear Power.

CCCH9051_Video production_3035442049_Cheung Tak Yee.mp4
The video has documented both artifacts and buildings in the Hong Kong Museum of Railway which is the cultural heritage in Hong Kong. Also, some insights of preservation of the cultural heritage, analysis of the current preservation situation and…

This poster shows the output of the group project concerning the Surveillance Technology.

CCCH9051_11_Bing Sutt.mp4
When it comes to the cultural heritage of Hong Kong, people will usually think of some well-known tangible heritage like Tea Museum or the Legislative Council, or intangible heirtage like the skills of making milk tea and egg tart. Yet, Bing Sutt is…

This poster shows the output of the group project about Artificial Intelligence.

CCCH9051_06_Hong Kong Style Milk Tea Video_CHOI Wai Pan_3035380007.mp4
Hong Kong style milk tea is seemingly insignificant, while it is quietly cheering for local citizens, maintaining the relationships between people. With the rotations of the times, Hong Kong style milk tea not only carries the Hongkongers’ stories…
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