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The five artifacts are:

BLACK SWAN: The swan sculpture that creators have constructed is a three-dimensional embodiment of the numerous ideals of transformation that they familiarized themselves with throughout the course of the semester, and a visualization of utilizing the skills they learned in class to analyze the movie ‘Black Swan’ thoroughly. However, this piece incorporates ideas beyond the scope of the movie as well, which precisely serves as the reason why they have carefully crafted this artwork to be our capstone project.

THE DENIAL OF DENYING: This art piece is inspired by a song called “Brave” from Idina Menzel. In the song, it says, “And I might still cry, and I might still bleed, these thorns in my side … I can't be afraid, cause it's my turn to be brave.” It delivers the message that one should find courage despite the fact that the world is filled with desperate, since we are the master of our own fate.

ACCESS DENIED: This sketch is an appropriation art of an online Photoshop artwork titled “Large (8)” by artist dibandgazbrothersis. To better illustrate the negative atmosphere, the creator chose pencil sketches to make use of the black-and-white color tone.

ANXIETY: The sketch was inspired by the real scene that the creator has experienced. The creator created this art piece to reflect the anxiety after being denied, trying to restore that sorrowful scene.

SHELL: The paper is a basic material of this sculpture. The creator glued the soft paper pieces one by one with his hands. Through the whole creating process, the creator wanted to show that by accepting himself (the parts that I wanted to hide and avoid), he can be himself.

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