Created by Common Core in the University of Hong Kong for Digital and Multimedia Innovations project, this site showcases posters, photographs, artifacts, sketches, and videos that archive and promote the excellent student works. All materials are selected from various Common Core courses and exhibitions on Common Core Student Learning Festivals. Teachers and teaching assistants elected a representative sampling, and presented them here, together, in new collaborative context.

Recently Added Items

Greatest Wonders of India

Group 7_Annie_Reflective.mp4

A reflective video on foreign concepts associated with how Indian society deals with complex social and economic issues

A trip to India

Group 7_Alice_A trip to India.mp4

The video summaries our journey in India and express it through a series of black and white images

Morning farm

Group 7_Morning farming.mp4

In the video, I shift between my inner monologue and external dialogue while reflecting upon my experiences during our trip to India. I compared…

Love across cultures

Group 5_Love across cultures.mp4

This is a love story between a Hong Kong girl and the son of a wealthy Indian businessman in the comic. On their road in love, they need to persuade…

Farming: More than its original meaning

Group 6_Farming more than its original meaning.mp4

This video mainly reflects our psychological changes on farming before and after
India trip and the real experience of farm work there. More…

The Ghost of Our Past and Our Future

Group 4_The Ghost of Our Past and our Future.mp4

Fiona, an established architect and daughter of a wealthy family
finds herself in a troubling position: her grandfather has left behind a…