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Another piece of rock that has been carved into the shape of a Chinese cabbage head. It even has two insects crawling among the leaves.

This mouth-watering chunk of stewed pork belly with a gratuitous layer of fat and glistening sheen is actually a piece of rock—jasper to be exact—that was cleverly carved and dyed to resemble a succulent piece of meat by an anonymous Qing dynasty…

The original chess was invented in China, right around 200 B.C., by a military commander named Hán Xin ("Hahn Sheen").

Chinese or Imperial guardian lions are a traditional Chinese architectural ornament.

Jade crafting were among the most precious and luxurious ones, with a history of four thousand years. Jade symbolizes merit, grace and dignity and occupies a special position in people's consciousness. It is used both to decorate rooms, and as…

A Chinese seal (印章 yìnzhāng) is a seal or stamp used to mark important documents, pieces of art, contracts, or any other item that requires a signature.

Ink slabs originated from the grinding implements used in primitive Chinese society to grind pigment on stone. There is a lot of archeological evidence to show that ancient Chinese used ink slabs for grinding ink. A stone ink slab was found in a…
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