Dr. Celia Hoi-yan ChanAssociate Professor and Deputy Head
Department of Social Work and Social Administration


  • Associate Professor and Deputy Head, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong
  • Director of Teaching and Learning, Department of Social Work and Social Administration, The University of Hong Kong
  • Associate Director, Centre on Behavioral Health, The University of Hong Kong
  • Counselor-in-charge, Centre of Assisted Reproduction and Embryology, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, Queen Mary Hospital-The University of Hong Kong
  • Counselor-in-charge, Assisted Reproduction Unit, Kwong Wah Hospital, Hong Kong


As a social work researcher and practitioner working in healthcare settings, Celia works closely with different professionals and  integrates best research evidence with interdisciplinary and clinical experience by applying the Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit Intervention Model, an empirically-based approach to assessment and treatment which connects Western therapeutic techniques with Eastern philosophies and practices.

She is leading a research lab Research and Practice on Integrative Wellness, conducting practice-based research and model development on services for different populations with health and mental health issues such as infertility, atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, sleep disorders, depression and anxiety. Her lab is currently conducting randomized-controlled studies in examining the efficacy of the model, and extending their work to family-based research such as investigating the interdependent relationships between couple, parent-child and patient-caregiver and developing dyadic intervention model and commissioned research and consultancy projects for government, hospitals and NGOS.

As the leading figure of fertility and infertility counsellor in Hong Kong, she is committed to develop research and practice on psychosocial issues related to reproductive medicine. She has conducts fertility education to increase public awareness of knowledge about sex and reproductive health, offers psychological assessment and counselling for individuals and couples who are infertile and undergoing medically assisted or third-party conception, as well as facilitate integrated perinatal bereavement care to those who experience various types of pregnancy loss such as miscarriage and stillbirth. She is currently the Coordinator (China and Hong Kong) of the International Infertility Counseling Organization.

Her major areas of research and training:

  • – Social work in healthcare
  • – Interdisciplinary collaboration in healthcare (e.g. Pediatric and Adolescent Medicine, Obstetrics and gynecology, Internal Medicine, Dermatology, Oncology and Psychiatry)
  • – Child and family health: Family interdependence and resilience
  • – Research and practice on reproductive health (postnatal depression, fertility,  infertility, third party conception and perinatal loss)
  • – Evidence based social work practice
  • – Integrated Body-mind-spirit Intervention Model
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