Dr. Celia H. Y. ChanAssociate Professor
Department of Social Work and Social Administration

As a social work researcher and practitioner working in healthcare settings, Celia integrates best research evidence with clinical experience by applying the Integrative Body-Mind-Spirit (I-BMS) Intervention Model, an empirically-based approach to assessment and treatment which connects Western therapeutic techniques with Eastern philosophies and practices. She has extensive clinical experience in working with different populations including patients with cancer, insomnia, psoriasis, infertility, depression and anxiety and is currently conducting several randomized-controlled studies in examining the efficacy of the model. Hence, as the first infertility counsellor in Hong Kong, she is committed to develop research and practice on fertility and infertility counselling in Hong Kong. She offers psychological assessment and counselling as well as runs psychotherapeutic groups for individuals and couples who are infertile and undergoing assisted reproductive technologies, and those who are experiencing various types of reproductive loss. She is currently the Coordinator (China and Hong Kong) of the International Infertility Counseling Organization. Her major areas of research and training: Research and practice on fertility and infertility counselling; psychodermatology; clinical decision-making in health and social care; evidence based social work practice and the Integrated Body-mind-spirit Intervention Model.

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