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This poster shows the output of the group project concerning the Surveillance Technology.

CCST9046_03_stress and memory Tang Zixuan and Wang Ke.pdf
This poster displays how stress infuences memory consolidation, mainly about nervous-endocnne interaction Adrenaline and Cortisol.

1. How different stresses influence memory (improve and negatively affect).
2. How different cognitive parts affect memory: Hippocampus, amygdala.

CCST9046 poster Lo Chak Chiu and Samantha Lo.jpg
1. Non-Conscious and Recalled memory.
2. Analyse the "Water Maze" experiment to conclude that chronic stress worsen our hippocampus dependent memory and its temporary impact.It can be recovered when getting rid of stress.
3. Noradrenaline enhances…

CCCH9051_06_Hong Kong Style Milk Tea Video_CHOI Wai Pan_3035380007.mp4
Hong Kong style milk tea is seemingly insignificant, while it is quietly cheering for local citizens, maintaining the relationships between people. With the rotations of the times, Hong Kong style milk tea not only carries the Hongkongers’ stories…

This poster shows the output of the group project about Mobile Payments.

The paper is a basic material of this sculpture. The creator glued the soft paper pieces one by one with his hands. Through the whole creating process, the creator wanted to show that by accepting himself (the parts that I wanted to hide and avoid),…

This documentary starts with a short introduction about one of the two remaining old-fashioned printing company in Hong Kong as well as the working principles of movable type printing. It then introduces the reasons for the disappearance of such…

Poster of students’ poems.jpg
The poster showed on Student Learning Festival introduces 5 students' poem, including 《凍奶茶》(Ice Milk Tea), 《雨》(Rain), 《他》(He), 《餘音》(lingering music), and Falling Leaves.

The student poster analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of Plastic.
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