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AoI-China: Culture, State and Society

CCCH9043 Student Poems (15).pdf

The aim of this AoI is to enhance the interest and intellectual ability of students in understanding China from past to present and from different…

AoI-Global Issues


The aim of this AoI is to enable students to think globally and live as informed and active members of a global community.

AoI-Arts & Humanities


The aim of this AoI is to enable students to appreciate how intellectual, moral, material, aesthetic and spiritual aspects of human existence have…

AoI-Scientific and Technological Literacy


The aim of raising students’ levels of scientific and technological literacy is to enable them to engage critically with knowledge and discourse on…

CCGL9051-Technology, Culture and Power in a Globalized Age


This course offers a highly entertaining introduction to this interactive dynamics between TECHNOLOGY, society, and culture, situating present-day…

CCCH9027-China's Ethnic Groups: Assimilation or Cultural Pluralism?

CCCH9027_08_Rights of Uyghurs Stripped.pdf

Few countries in the world have a total population that exceeds the 110 million ethnic minorities in China. What does this mean for China’s rise in…

CCST9046-The Science of the Mind-body-health Relationship


In this course, students will delve into cutting edge issues in the science of the mind-body-health relationship and analyze how communication occurs…

CCST9060- Exploring Human Longevity

Longevity watch.pdf

In this course, we will explore the intersection between science, technology, ageing and longevity. Reviewing how modern medicine and science have…

CCHU9019-From Health to Well-being


The aim of this course is for students to gain greater insight into the multi-dimensional aspects of health and to develop a more holistic and…

CCCH9043-Chinese Poetry as Social Critique

CCCH9043 Student Poems (15).pdf

This course introduces students to fundamental social and political issues at different periods in Chinese history through the primary source of…