Enrollment Procedure & Course Exemption

1. Enrollment Procedure

You must take CUE in either the first or the second semester of your first year. The only students who may take CUE in their second year of study are those who have failed CUE in their first year.

You must sign up for a CUE class during the course enrolment period before the academic year begins. The system will give you a place in a class using the balloting system. You have to check your class selection results periodically and if you aren’t successful in getting a place, you need to go into the SIS system and choose another timeslot until you are given a place in a class. If you do not sign up for a CUE class at all during this period, the SIS system will automatically assign you to a class either in the first or second semester at the end of the course enrolment period.


CAES1000 timetables are available in the SIS system. Please contact your Faculty if you have problems with accessing the system.

For questions about the course enrollment, please email to CAES1000@hku.hk.

2. Course Exemption

Please contact your Faculty if you have questions about course exemption.

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