Appeal of Results for CUE

1. Grade Appeals

Student appeals against the academic judgments of assessors will not be accepted.

This is based on HKU regulations which state:

‘There shall be no appeal against the results of examinations and all other forms of assessment…students may however request checking of the final course grade or the result of any assessment component of any course if they have reason to believe that there is any procedural irregularity or technical error in the determination of that result (e.g. an error in the recording, collating or aggregation of grades/marks which contribute to the final result).’ See document 111/511 – Procedures for Checking Assessment Results of Taught Courses.

The following procedures have been set up in CAES1000 to ensure that assessment practices are fair:

  1. Detailed assessment criteria are written for each assessment task so that students and teachers have a clear and common understanding of the standards for A, B, C, D and failed work.
  2. These assessment criteria are made available to students at the beginning of the course through the course Moodle site.
  3. Before any students’ work is assessed for CAES1000, all teachers attend meetings where they are required to assess sample student work. This is to ensure that teachers are grading to the correct standard.
  4. After students’ work has been assessed, the marks are checked by the course coordinator and then the results are reviewed and approved by the Board of Examiners of each faculty.
2. Calculation Appeals

If you suspect an error in the calculation of your final grade (or any component of that final grade), you can request that this calculation be checked after the release of the final grade.

3. Procedure for Calculation Appeals

It is University policy that grade re-calculation requests must go through faculties. Therefore, CAES cannot accept grade re-calculation requests directly from students. Students must apply in writing to their home Faculty Office within three weeks after the final grade results are announced, supplying the necessary information and application fee.

For full details of the application procedure, please refer to ‘Procedures for Checking of Assessment Results of Taught Courses’.

Applicants should note that as a result of the calculation checks, the original grade could increase, decrease or remain the same. The decision reached will be final.

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