What is CAES1000?

Welcome to CAES1000!

Letter from the Director

Please click here to view the Letter from the Director.

Academic Challenges!

Course Aims

The Core University English (CUE) course aims to help you develop the academic English language skills you will need to complete your university degree. The course develops your ability to:

  • UNDERSTAND & PRODUCE spoken and written academic texts
  • EXPRESS academic ideas and concepts clearly and in a well-structured manner
  • SEARCH FOR & USE academic sources of information in your writing and speaking

These skills will help you study in an English-medium university environment and will give you more confidence to complete your written and spoken assignments for the Common Core Curriculum.

Watch the video below to find out how this course can help you.

Let’s hear from our students in the video below about how they transfer the skills they have learnt in CAES1000 to Common Core and Faculty courses.


CAES Road to Academic Success: Online Student Sharing Session on HKU Virtual Info Day 2020

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