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Clay sculpture has been handed down among the people for about three thousand years. These sculptures are made from the special clay called “Ban Ban Tu,” found only in Fengxiang County, northwest of Xi’an.

Embroidery in this period symbolized social status. The patterns covered a larger range, from sun, moon, stars, mountains, dragons, and phoenix to tiger, flower and grass, clouds and geometric patterns. It is originated in the Zhou Dynasty (1027 –…

These kites are delicately made of paper and bamboo have numerous shapes such as swallow, centipede, butterfly etc. Regarded as an artistic marvel, the kite makers' skills in both painting and in the design of the kites' flexible flying movement are…

Ink brushes were used for calligraphy. It is believed that the ink brush was invented around Zhou Dynasty (1046 BC - 256 BC). The hairs of a common ink brush would be made out of goat, rabbit, mouse, pig, buffalo, wolf or Siberian weasel. To produce…
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