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Dialogue (念)Dialogue (念)Mode of performance basic skills , cantonese opera
Type:Mode of performance
Subject:basic skills , cantonese opera
Description:It is one of the four essential performing skills in Cantonese opera that mainly focus on the spoken text
Joyce Koi Ming FaiPersonCantonese opera stars
Subject:Cantonese opera stars
Description:She graduated from the school organized by The Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong. She usually plays a role of "Man You Sang " in the performance
Queen_of_female_leadFONG YIM-FUNPerson Cantonese Opera Star
Subject:Cantonese Opera Star
Description:started her training in Cantonese opera at the age of 10. At 13, she advanced t be an erbang huadan (supporting actress)(二幫花旦) and three years later she became the zhengyin huadan (female lead)(正印花旦). Exceptionally talented and outstanding, Fong has a successful performing career and originated a unique singing style, known as the Fong style, in Cantonese Opera [show more]
Hung Sin Nui Hung Sin Nui Person Cantonese Opera Stars
Subject:Cantonese Opera Stars
Description:She was regarded as one of the greatest treasures of Cantonese opera and Hong Kong cinema.[1] She was famous for her unique sweet, crisp, smooth and coquettish "Hung tone" (紅腔) of singing which incorporated the techniques of Beijing Opera, Kunqu, and Western opera singing method. [show more]
Chan_Wing Pak Kui WingPerson Cantonese opera stars
Subject:Cantonese opera stars
Description:He was famous for his emotive high-pitched ,natural singing. Also he well-known for fabulous performance of scholar and emperor roles.
Bai_XuexianPak Suet SinPerson Cantonese opera stars
Subject:Cantonese opera stars
Description:She is acknowledged as an accomplished singer who has emotive ,high-pitched ,multi-faceted style that able to let her demonstrate wide range of skill on stage.
Sit_Kok _MuiSit Kok Sin PersonCantonese opera stars
Subject:Cantonese opera stars
Description:Mr. Sit was a talented performer that he could not only take up male role of a scholar-warrior(文武生), but also a female impersonator (反串), a red-faced aged man( 紅生) or a clown (丑).
New_Ma_Sze_TsangTang Wing-CheungPersonCantonese opera stars
Subject:Cantonese opera stars
Description:He was better known by his stage name Sun Ma Sze Tsang. Tang impressed the Cantonese opera industry by his stunning performance that resembled Ma Sze-Tsang, a famous Cantonese opera singer. His teacher gave him the stage name meaning 'New Ma Sze-Tsang'. [show more]
Ren_JianhuiYam Kim Faiperson Cantonese opera stars ,famous , China
Subject:Cantonese opera stars ,famous , China
Description:She was most notable for her unique ability to sing in the lower register. That her opera voice was indistinguishable from a male one allowed her to play either male or female roles, though she usually performed male ones.
SanxianSanxianphysical objectfret less plucked musical instrument
Type:physical object
Subject:fret less plucked musical instrument
Description:It consists of a lute with three-string and a long fingerboard.