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This collection introduces common types of costumes in Cantonese Opera.

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A Gown with Vertical Collar 「帔風」
This gown with floral embroidery is the casual wear worn by patricians. A women’s pei is a long knee-length robe with symmetrical fronts, wide sleeves covered with flowing sleeves, two side slits and a long dress.

Official robes (Guanyi) 「官衣」
The official robe is worn by the civil and military official. The style is in disc collar, large sleeves, with water sleeves, and the shape is much similar to the python ceremonial robes.

Cloak (Kaichang) 「開氅/ 海長」
The cloak is the casual clothes wear by the military commanders in Beijing Opera in a non-ceremonial occasion. In some recent Cantonese Opera, it is especially used for ceremonial banquets. It cannot wear by the unofficial.
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