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粵劇 小曲新唱之媚香樓 曹秀琴 cantonese opera粵劇 小曲新唱之媚香樓 曹秀琴 cantonese opera
zing_sangZing Sang(淨生)Faamin, flower face, painted face
Subject:Faamin, flower face, painted face
Description:Zing Sang is male role in Cantonese Opera, with a face mask or pattern to express the unique characteristics
ZhutiqinZhutiqinphysical objectbowed string musical instruments
Type:physical object
Subject:bowed string musical instruments
Description:It is also called bamboo two string fiddle.The back of the sound chamber is made of the natural joint in bamboo, with sound holes cut in it.
ZhonghuZhonghuphysical objectbowed string instrument
Type:physical object
Subject:bowed string instrument
Description:It is slightly larger and lower pitched than erhu. The instrument has two strings, and it is used to increase the pitch range of the instruments used in a Chinese orchestra.
YueqinYueqinphysical objectString instrument
Type:physical object
Subject:String instrument
Description:it is a lute with a round, hollow wooden body and often taking the role of main melodic instrument in lieu of the bowed string section.It also has a short fretted neck and four strings,a pick is needed.
Youtube Video: Introduction of Cantonese OperaYoutube Video: Introduction of Cantonese Opera
Description:Performing Arts Education Centre, The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts School of Chinese Opera, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts “ArtsEd in Chat” once again invited Mr Hong Hai, Head of Production (Chinese Opera), and the members of The Young Academy Cantonese Opera Troupe, to demonstrate the makeup process for a dan role (female role). [show more]
YehuYehuPhysical objectBowed string instrument
Type:Physical object
Subject:Bowed string instrument
Description:It has a soundbox covered with skin and strings to produce sounds.
yee_bong_faadaanYee Bong FaaDaan (二幫花旦)rolesupporting female, second leading female role
Subject:supporting female, second leading female role
Description:Yee Bong FaaDaan is the second leading female in Cantonese Opera. Having similar function as Jing Yan FaaDaan but fewer proportion(戲份)
Ren_JianhuiYam Kim Faiperson Cantonese opera stars ,famous , China
Subject:Cantonese opera stars ,famous , China
Description:She was most notable for her unique ability to sing in the lower register. That her opera voice was indistinguishable from a male one allowed her to play either male or female roles, though she usually performed male ones.
wooden_chairWooden chairPhysical objectTraditional furniture, famous, old-styled
Type:Physical object
Subject:Traditional furniture, famous, old-styled
Description:It is made of beech, oaken an other kinds of wood. It is even harder, and with a back of chair.