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Youtube Video: Introduction of Cantonese Opera

Performing Arts Education Centre, The Hong Kong Academy of Performing Arts

School of Chinese Opera, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing…

Concert by Chinese Opera Orchestra of Shanghai

Concert by Chinese Opera Orchestra of Shanghai on Hasseris Gymnasium in Aalborg 27 th Octobre 2016.

Koi Ming Fai


She graduated from the school organized by The Chinese Artists Association of Hong Kong. She usually plays a role of "Man You Sang " in the…

Ko Shan Theatre 高山劇場


The 600-seat auditorium at the New Wing together with the existing 1 031-seat theatre will further enhance the Ko Shan Theatre’s function as a…

Sunbeam theater 新光戲院


Sunbeam Theatre is a landmark theatre in Hong Kong showcasing Cantonese opera. There's also a cinema that stages classic and new-release films from…

Hong Kong Heritage Museum 香港文化博物館

Under the umbrella of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum presents a unique mix of history, art and culture in…