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Materials and tools


The materials and tools needed to write Chinese calligraphy.


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Chengni Inkstone (澄泥硯)
Chengni inkstones are ceramic-manufactured inkstones.

Liquid Ink (墨汁)
Liquid Ink is a type of ink that was invented in the 19th century, and can be used directly without an ink stone. This is usually used by beginners as it is more convenient and easy to use.

The inventor of liquid ink, Taguchi Seiji, was a teacher…

Sheng Xuan Paper (生宣紙)
Sheng Xuan is a type of Xuan paper that is usually not processed, and has high ink absorbance abilities and has high flexibility. It is difficult for beginners to use Sheng Xuan paper because the ink is absorbed quickly, causing it to blur. Sheng…

Goat Hair Brush (羊毫筆)
A brush that is made with goat hair, which is softer and has less flexibility. Goat hair brushes usually absorb ink easily and are used to write rounded and thick words. This kind of brush is also more long-lasting compared to other types of harder…

Duan Inkstone (端硯)
Duan stone is a volcanic tuff, commonly of a purple to a purple-red color. There are various distinctive markings, due to various rock materials imbedded in the stone, that create unique designs and stone eyes (inclusions) which were traditionally…

Oil Soot Ink (油煙墨)
Oil soot ink is made using the soot of burnt tung oil or various other oils. There is more glue (animal glue, e.g. egg white, fish skin, or ox hide glues) in this type of ink than the other kinds, so it does not spread as much. Oil soot ink has more…

Shu Xuan Paper (熟宣紙)
Shu Xuan paper, has Potassium alum worked into it during production, which results in a stiffer texture, a reduced ability to absorb water, and less resistance to shear stress (meaning that it can be torn much more easily). Shu Xuan Paper is usually…

Mixed Hair Brush (兼毫筆)
A mixed hair brush is usually made with a mixture of soft and hard animal hairs. The ratio between soft and hard hairs can vary, for example 3:7 or 5:5. The most commonly used soft hairs are goat hair, while weasel hair and rabbit hair will sometimes…

She Inkstone (歙硯)
She inkstones come from the She County (Anhui Province) and Wuyuan County (Jiangxi Province). Both counties were under jurisdiction of the ancient She Prefecture of Huizhou during the Tang Dynasty when the She ink stone was first made. This stone is…

Pine Soot Ink (松煙墨)
Pine soot ink is made from the soot of pine wood, which is produced by the anoxic burning of pine wood. It has less glue (animal glue, e.g. Egg white, fish skin, or ox hide glues) and so spreads more than oil soot ink. Pine soot ink is a lot less…
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