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Sheng Xuan Paper (生宣紙)
Sheng Xuan is a type of Xuan paper that is usually not processed, and has high ink absorbance abilities and has high flexibility. It is difficult for beginners to use Sheng Xuan paper because the ink is absorbed quickly, causing it to blur. Sheng…

Shu Xuan Paper (熟宣紙)
Shu Xuan paper, has Potassium alum worked into it during production, which results in a stiffer texture, a reduced ability to absorb water, and less resistance to shear stress (meaning that it can be torn much more easily). Shu Xuan Paper is usually…

Mao Bian Paper (毛邊紙)
Mao Bian Paper is a type of paper that is usually made from bamboo fibers. It has a fine and smooth texture, and is thin and soft, it has a low water resistance and absorbs ink well.
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