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Ink that is used to write Chinese calligraphy.


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Liquid Ink (墨汁)
Liquid Ink is a type of ink that was invented in the 19th century, and can be used directly without an ink stone. This is usually used by beginners as it is more convenient and easy to use.

The inventor of liquid ink, Taguchi Seiji, was a teacher…

Oil Soot Ink (油煙墨)
Oil soot ink is made using the soot of burnt tung oil or various other oils. There is more glue (animal glue, e.g. egg white, fish skin, or ox hide glues) in this type of ink than the other kinds, so it does not spread as much. Oil soot ink has more…

Pine Soot Ink (松煙墨)
Pine soot ink is made from the soot of pine wood, which is produced by the anoxic burning of pine wood. It has less glue (animal glue, e.g. Egg white, fish skin, or ox hide glues) and so spreads more than oil soot ink. Pine soot ink is a lot less…
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