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An inkstone is a stone mortar for the grinding and containment of ink.



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Chengni Inkstone (澄泥硯)
Chengni inkstones are ceramic-manufactured inkstones.

Duan Inkstone (端硯)
Duan stone is a volcanic tuff, commonly of a purple to a purple-red color. There are various distinctive markings, due to various rock materials imbedded in the stone, that create unique designs and stone eyes (inclusions) which were traditionally…

She Inkstone (歙硯)
She inkstones come from the She County (Anhui Province) and Wuyuan County (Jiangxi Province). Both counties were under jurisdiction of the ancient She Prefecture of Huizhou during the Tang Dynasty when the She ink stone was first made. This stone is…

Tao Inkstone (洮硯)
These became rapidly desired after being first used as inkstone. It bears distinct markings such as bands of ripples with varying shades. The stone is crystalline and looks like jade. These stones have become increasingly rare and are difficult to…
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