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Canton floor tiles were among many other tiles which was used in ancient Hong Kong and parts of China. They were especially made in Dongguan county and were extensively used in construction work.

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Using chalk power pouches, cheongsam masters draft their sewing patterns on fabrics directly. They mark lines by drawing a thread covered with chalk power from the pouch and flick off the powder on the fabric

A tool with which a farmer broke up larger lumps of soil after ploughing the field

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Hand fans were used in order to keep away heat. The movement of a handheld fan provides cooling by increasing the airflow over the skin. Hand fans made from Jutes were used my many in ancient China.

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A kwan kwa is a traditional Chinese wedding costume composed of a long, silk blouse and a long skirt. Historically, only members of the Chinese imperial family were privileged to wear this costume.

A mechanically-driven display depicting the historical scene of Lu Bu Flirting With Diao Chan From The Pavilion Of Phoenix Grace

A piece of body-hugging Chinese clothing usually fashioned by upper-class individuals and still used by clansman today when they perform ancestral worship rituals

It is a hand-made model of the real Sam Tung Uk Museum to show how the museum looks like, from different angles.

According to The Book of Rites, "The unicorn, the phoenix, the turtle and the dragon are the four spiritual creatures." The unicorn is one of the four propitious creature deemed to bring auspiciousness and ward off evils. The unicorns seen in Hong…

Paper lanterns are special kind of lanterns.They are made from paper or silk, with a frame of bamboo or wood and a lit candle inside as a source of light. It is displayed during the festive season.
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