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About the course

Welcome to the online course “Library Essentials for Postgraduate Students”! This is the online version of our popular Postgraduate Library Workshop that many postgraduates have enrolled in previous years. Now, you could learn using your device anytime, anywhere at your own pace.

In this online course, the following topics will be covered:

  1. Introduction to HKU Libraries
  2. Literature Review
  3. Organise your references
  4. Collect and analyse data
  5. Write and submit
  6. Research assessment
  7. Research visibility
  8. Other Useful Resources

How to enroll

  1. Go to https://learning.hku.hk/catalog/course/ilt03/
  2. Click “Go to course”
  3. Log in with your HKU PORTAL account
  4. Click “Enroll now”
  5. Check if the message “You are enrolled in this course” appears
  6. Click “Start Course” to start learning

e-Certificate is available!

You can now get an e-Certificate upon completion of all quizzes with a 80% passing rate! Note that you only have one attempt to answer each question, so you better go through all course materials before taking the quizzes. Once you reach the overall passing rate, the certificate will be available on the online platform.

Access the e-Certificate:

  1. Your Dashboard (top right-hand corner)
    > ILT03 eLearning@HKUL: Library Essentials for Postgraduate Students
    > View Certificate


  1. ILT03 eLearning@HKUL: Library Essentials for Postgraduate Students
    > Progress
    > A message “Your certificate is available” will be shown under “Course Progress for Student xxxxx”.
    > Click “View Certificate”

Print a PDF certificate:

  1. Click Print Certificate
  2. Set Margins to None, enable background graphics
  3. Save


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Technical Issues – TALIC

Content Issues – HKU Libraries

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