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Dialogue (念)Dialogue (念)Mode of performance basic skills , cantonese opera
Type:Mode of performance
Subject:basic skills , cantonese opera
Description:It is one of the four essential performing skills in Cantonese opera that mainly focus on the spoken text
ErxianErxianphysical objectbowed string instrument
Type:physical object
Subject:bowed string instrument
Description:The sound chamber is made with a dome-shaped ring of hardwood glued on the front end.Also,the back of the sound chamber is not covered with any lattice work like those of erhu or gaohu. It has to be played with a bow made of a thick, hard piece of bamboo. [show more]
Hong Kong Heritage Museum 香港文化博物館 Hong Kong Heritage Museum 香港文化博物館
Description:Under the umbrella of the Leisure and Cultural Services Department, the Hong Kong Heritage Museum presents a unique mix of history, art and culture in a great variety of programmes that cater for the wide-ranging interests of the public. Featuring an exhibition area of some 7,500 square metres, the museum houses five permanent galleries - the Jin Yong Gallery, the Cantonese Opera Heritage Hall, the T.T. Tsui Gallery of Chinese Art, the Chao Shao-an Gallery and the Children's Discovery Gallery - as well as six thematic galleries that regularly host exhibitions showcasing the diverse treasures of our heritage. [show more]
Hung Sin Nui Hung Sin Nui Person Cantonese Opera Stars
Subject:Cantonese Opera Stars
Description:She was regarded as one of the greatest treasures of Cantonese opera and Hong Kong cinema.[1] She was famous for her unique sweet, crisp, smooth and coquettish "Hung tone" (紅腔) of singing which incorporated the techniques of Beijing Opera, Kunqu, and Western opera singing method. [show more]
Ko Shan Theatre 高山劇場
Ko Shan Theatre 高山劇場
Description:The 600-seat auditorium at the New Wing together with the existing 1 031-seat theatre will further enhance the Ko Shan Theatre’s function as a dedicated venue for Cantonese opera with the provision of ancillary facilities for performance, rehearsals and training by established and budding Cantonese opera artists. [show more]
Lyric Theatre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Lyric Theatre, The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts
Description:The Lyric Theatre is located in The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts which can accommodate 1,181 seats for audience.
Official robes (Guanyi) 「官衣」Official robes (Guanyi) 「官衣」Physical object Official
Type:Physical object
Description:The official robe is worn by the civil and military official. The style is in disc collar, large sleeves, with water sleeves, and the shape is much similar to the python ceremonial robes.
Python ceremonial robes (Dragon robe/ mang-p‘ao)「蟒」Python ceremonial robes (Dragon robe/ mang-p‘ao)「蟒」Physical object Emperor, mang robe, python robe, high status
Type:Physical object
Subject:Emperor, mang robe, python robe, high status
Description:There are specific costumes for each character. Dragon robe is especially for emperor or high rank of character. It features with rich embroidery and brilliant colors and always design with a dragon. It comes with loose jade belt and a loose long robe with a round neck. It also has slits on the side. For female’s mang p’ao are always cut to knee and accompany with a narrow skirt. [show more]
SanxianSanxianphysical objectfret less plucked musical instrument
Type:physical object
Subject:fret less plucked musical instrument
Description:It consists of a lute with three-string and a long fingerboard.
Saxophone Saxophone Western music instrument
Subject:Western music instrument
Description:It is a woodwind instrument which is made of brass and played with a single-reed mouthpiece