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shakuShaku (牙笏)Physical objecttraditional props in courts, ivory, white
Type:Physical object
Subject:traditional props in courts, ivory, white
Description:It is made of ivory, with a length 50cm, width 8cm.
Shuangpi drumShuangpi drumphysical objectpercussion instrument
Type:physical object
Subject:percussion instrument
Description:It is used for accompaniment during peaceful or martial art scenes
Singing (唱)Singing (唱)basic skill of Cantonese opera
Subject:basic skill of Cantonese opera
Description:The performers sing when they need to tell their partners a story or something about themselves. There is usually no dialogue during singing therefore facial expressions are used to convey the interaction between hearers and singers.
Sit_Kok _MuiSit Kok Sin PersonCantonese opera stars
Subject:Cantonese opera stars
Description:Mr. Sit was a talented performer that he could not only take up male role of a scholar-warrior(文武生), but also a female impersonator (反串), a red-faced aged man( 紅生) or a clown (丑).
siu_sangSiu Sang(小生)Rolesupporting male, man without beard
Subject:supporting male, man without beard
Description:Siu Sang is the second leading male in Cantonese Opera. It usually refers to younger male who does not have beard and responsible for WenXi (文戲).
Sunbeam theater 新光戲院Sunbeam theater 新光戲院
Description:Sunbeam Theatre is a landmark theatre in Hong Kong showcasing Cantonese opera. There's also a cinema that stages classic and new-release films from Hong Kong, China and Japan. The 1,033-seat Sunbeam Theatre continues as a live theatre, and the balcony was converted into a 108-seat cinema. [show more]
table_matTable mat (枱圍)Physical objectfamous opera props, golden, traditional
Type:Physical object
Subject:famous opera props, golden, traditional
Description:It is made of rough fabric, with unique pattern which has different meanings.
New_Ma_Sze_TsangTang Wing-CheungPersonCantonese opera stars
Subject:Cantonese opera stars
Description:He was better known by his stage name Sun Ma Sze Tsang. Tang impressed the Cantonese opera industry by his stunning performance that resembled Ma Sze-Tsang, a famous Cantonese opera singer. His teacher gave him the stage name meaning 'New Ma Sze-Tsang'. [show more]
tools_of_calligraphyTools of calligraphyPhysical objectfamous handwriting, traditional, black, text and font
Type:Physical object
Subject:famous handwriting, traditional, black, text and font
Description:It consists of writing brush, ink stick, paper, and inkstone. It has been a traditional handwriting tool over many years.
wooden_chairWooden chairPhysical objectTraditional furniture, famous, old-styled
Type:Physical object
Subject:Traditional furniture, famous, old-styled
Description:It is made of beech, oaken an other kinds of wood. It is even harder, and with a back of chair.