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palm_leaf_fanPalm leaf fanPhysical objectfan, famous cantonese opera props, traditional
Type:Physical object
Subject:fan, famous cantonese opera props, traditional
Description:It is usually used by woman matchmaker. When there is hilarious scenes, a palm-leaf fan will be used.
Python ceremonial robes (Dragon robe/ mang-p‘ao)「蟒」Python ceremonial robes (Dragon robe/ mang-p‘ao)「蟒」Physical object Emperor, mang robe, python robe, high status
Type:Physical object
Subject:Emperor, mang robe, python robe, high status
Description:There are specific costumes for each character. Dragon robe is especially for emperor or high rank of character. It features with rich embroidery and brilliant colors and always design with a dragon. It comes with loose jade belt and a loose long robe with a round neck. It also has slits on the side. For female’s mang p’ao are always cut to knee and accompany with a narrow skirt. [show more]
shakuShaku (牙笏)Physical objecttraditional props in courts, ivory, white
Type:Physical object
Subject:traditional props in courts, ivory, white
Description:It is made of ivory, with a length 50cm, width 8cm.
Shuangpi drumShuangpi drumphysical objectpercussion instrument
Type:physical object
Subject:percussion instrument
Description:It is used for accompaniment during peaceful or martial art scenes
table_matTable mat (枱圍)Physical objectfamous opera props, golden, traditional
Type:Physical object
Subject:famous opera props, golden, traditional
Description:It is made of rough fabric, with unique pattern which has different meanings.
tools_of_calligraphyTools of calligraphyPhysical objectfamous handwriting, traditional, black, text and font
Type:Physical object
Subject:famous handwriting, traditional, black, text and font
Description:It consists of writing brush, ink stick, paper, and inkstone. It has been a traditional handwriting tool over many years.
wooden_chairWooden chairPhysical objectTraditional furniture, famous, old-styled
Type:Physical object
Subject:Traditional furniture, famous, old-styled
Description:It is made of beech, oaken an other kinds of wood. It is even harder, and with a back of chair.
YehuYehuPhysical objectBowed string instrument
Type:Physical object
Subject:Bowed string instrument
Description:It has a soundbox covered with skin and strings to produce sounds.
YueqinYueqinphysical objectString instrument
Type:physical object
Subject:String instrument
Description:it is a lute with a round, hollow wooden body and often taking the role of main melodic instrument in lieu of the bowed string section.It also has a short fretted neck and four strings,a pick is needed.
ZhonghuZhonghuphysical objectbowed string instrument
Type:physical object
Subject:bowed string instrument
Description:It is slightly larger and lower pitched than erhu. The instrument has two strings, and it is used to increase the pitch range of the instruments used in a Chinese orchestra.