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chou_sangChou Sang (丑生)roleClown
Description:Chou Sang is the comic role in Cantonese Opera and usually plays secondary roles in a troupe.
Python ceremonial robes (Dragon robe/ mang-p‘ao)「蟒」Python ceremonial robes (Dragon robe/ mang-p‘ao)「蟒」Physical object Emperor, mang robe, python robe, high status
Type:Physical object
Subject:Emperor, mang robe, python robe, high status
Description:There are specific costumes for each character. Dragon robe is especially for emperor or high rank of character. It features with rich embroidery and brilliant colors and always design with a dragon. It comes with loose jade belt and a loose long robe with a round neck. It also has slits on the side. For female’s mang p’ao are always cut to knee and accompany with a narrow skirt. [show more]
zing_sangZing Sang(淨生)Faamin, flower face, painted face
Subject:Faamin, flower face, painted face
Description:Zing Sang is male role in Cantonese Opera, with a face mask or pattern to express the unique characteristics
tools_of_calligraphyTools of calligraphyPhysical objectfamous handwriting, traditional, black, text and font
Type:Physical object
Subject:famous handwriting, traditional, black, text and font
Description:It consists of writing brush, ink stick, paper, and inkstone. It has been a traditional handwriting tool over many years.
table_matTable mat (枱圍)Physical objectfamous opera props, golden, traditional
Type:Physical object
Subject:famous opera props, golden, traditional
Description:It is made of rough fabric, with unique pattern which has different meanings.
palm_leaf_fanPalm leaf fanPhysical objectfan, famous cantonese opera props, traditional
Type:Physical object
Subject:fan, famous cantonese opera props, traditional
Description:It is usually used by woman matchmaker. When there is hilarious scenes, a palm-leaf fan will be used.
SanxianSanxianphysical objectfret less plucked musical instrument
Type:physical object
Subject:fret less plucked musical instrument
Description:It consists of a lute with three-string and a long fingerboard.
Official robes (Guanyi) 「官衣」Official robes (Guanyi) 「官衣」Physical object Official
Type:Physical object
Description:The official robe is worn by the civil and military official. The style is in disc collar, large sleeves, with water sleeves, and the shape is much similar to the python ceremonial robes.
Beijing style gongsBeijing style gongsphysical objectpercussion instrument
Type:physical object
Subject:percussion instrument
Description:Gong is a flat, circular metal disc which is hit with a mallet wrapped with fabric.Ontop of that,Beijing style one is a smaller gong used to announce the entry of lesser players or women and to identify points of humour
BuyuBuyuphysical objectpercussion instrument
Type:physical object
Subject:percussion instrument
Description:Another name of Buyu is woodblock.It is hollow with a ridge outside of the wooden fish to help provide the genuine hollow sound when striking the fish.The sound can differ amongst wooden fish depending on the size, type of wood used, and how hollow the wooden fish is [show more]