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A Gown with a Sloping Collar 「褶子 / 海青」A Gown with a Sloping Collar 「褶子 / 海青」Physical object Casual wear, common costume
Type:Physical object
Subject:Casual wear, common costume
Description:The gown with a Sloping Collar is a common costume mostly wear by artists playing young aristocrats and noblemen. It decorates with floral patterns and characterised by a sloping collar, wide sleeves covered by flowing sleeves and a straight body with two side slits. [show more]
A Gown with Vertical Collar 「帔風」 A Gown with Vertical Collar 「帔風」 Physical object Cloak, patricians, casual wear
Type:Physical object
Subject:Cloak, patricians, casual wear
Description:This gown with floral embroidery is the casual wear worn by patricians. A women’s pei is a long knee-length robe with symmetrical fronts, wide sleeves covered with flowing sleeves, two side slits and a long dress.
Armor (k’ao) 「靠」Armor (k’ao) 「靠」Physical object War costume, soldiers, armor
Type:Physical object
Subject:War costume, soldiers, armor
Description:K’ao is a war costume that always wearing by Wu-shêng. It has many parts including mail and padding to create the effect of a fierce and strong warrior.
Beijing style gongsBeijing style gongsphysical objectpercussion instrument
Type:physical object
Subject:percussion instrument
Description:Gong is a flat, circular metal disc which is hit with a mallet wrapped with fabric.Ontop of that,Beijing style one is a smaller gong used to announce the entry of lesser players or women and to identify points of humour
BuyuBuyuphysical objectpercussion instrument
Type:physical object
Subject:percussion instrument
Description:Another name of Buyu is woodblock.It is hollow with a ridge outside of the wooden fish to help provide the genuine hollow sound when striking the fish.The sound can differ amongst wooden fish depending on the size, type of wood used, and how hollow the wooden fish is [show more]
Cloak (Kaichang) 「開氅/ 海長」Cloak (Kaichang) 「開氅/ 海長」Physical object Casual wear, formal, informal
Type:Physical object
Subject:Casual wear, formal, informal
Description:The cloak is the casual clothes wear by the military commanders in Beijing Opera in a non-ceremonial occasion. In some recent Cantonese Opera, it is especially used for ceremonial banquets. It cannot wear by the unofficial.
dadaoDadao (大刀)Physical objecttools and equipment of kung-fu, fatal, silver
Type:Physical object
Subject:tools and equipment of kung-fu, fatal, silver
Description:It is a kind of tools when demonstrating acrobatic scene, made of steel with a piece of red fabric tied at the back of it.
ErxianErxianphysical objectbowed string instrument
Type:physical object
Subject:bowed string instrument
Description:The sound chamber is made with a dome-shaped ring of hardwood glued on the front end.Also,the back of the sound chamber is not covered with any lattice work like those of erhu or gaohu. It has to be played with a bow made of a thick, hard piece of bamboo. [show more]
luo_sanLuo san (羅傘)Physical objectumbrella, traditional, fancy
Type:Physical object
Subject:umbrella, traditional, fancy
Description:It is made of silk fabric and usually in golden yellow and red in color and with unique pattern.
Official robes (Guanyi) 「官衣」Official robes (Guanyi) 「官衣」Physical object Official
Type:Physical object
Description:The official robe is worn by the civil and military official. The style is in disc collar, large sleeves, with water sleeves, and the shape is much similar to the python ceremonial robes.