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Postbill of the opera performance by Chin Ying Cantonese Opera Troupe presented by the land and boat residents of Castle Peak Bay as part of the celebration activities of Tin Hau

In this traditional Hakka rice cooker, well-soaked rice will be put into the wooden bucket, which is then placed into a big cauldron for steaming. Rice prepared in this way is mostly used to make wine

Female initation ritual.jpg
Ritual text for Female Initiation Ritual into Adulthood

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A sewing machine is a machine used to stitch fabric and other materials together with thread. Home sewing machines are designed for one person to sew individual items while using a single stitch type.

Produced according to the form of the small fire dragon used by villagers on the 14th day of the eighth lunar month

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For the brithday celebration activities, a small statue of the deity (for parade purpose) will be 'invited' from the temple and placed in a sacred sedan chair to be carried in the parade, or taken to the bamboo theatre where the thanksgiving opera…

special issue of the opera performance.jpg
Special issue of the opera performance given by Sun Ma Sze Tsang Cantonese Opera Troupe as part of the celebration activities of the Tin Hau Festival organised by the Aberdeen Sea and Land Inhabitants United Club

A machine used to separate grain from the chaff. It functions by farmers fanning the winnowing machine, creating gusts of wind to blow against falling grains. This will result in good grains being screened out from impurities.
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