Booking learning spaces and facilities

There are various facilities on campus that you can use to facilitate projects, including camcorders, 3D printing services and production studios. Find out how you can book them!

Booking rooms and facilities online!

On the Learning Environment Booking System (LES), there is a list of facilities and tools that you can borrow for your projects. Check the system’s drop down list for a full list of available facilities. Individual study cubicles in Chi Wah Learning Commons and the digital literacy lab can also be reserved through this system.

Rooms and facilities can be reserved online through the LES reservation platform.


To reserve the Main Library’s facilities and rooms, you can book at this site:


Moreover, there are multiple open learning areas, some of which have areas that you can book in advance:
Chi Wah Learning Commons, Centennial Campus;
The Oval, Knowles Building 1/F;
The Curve, K.K. Leung Building 2/F;
The Lounge, Main Building Room 238.

You can refer to this site for a more detailed description of each location.

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