Website building for dummies

Aside from studying, you may also engage in other personal projects during your university years. You may want to keep a blog for a hobby or a cause, or build an online portfolio to showcase your work to future collaborators or even employers.

While social media is a great place to reach out to more people, hosting your stuff on a website is much more organized and appears professional. Moreover, individual websites allow you more freedom to personalize the way you want to present your work and express yourself.

Here are a few web-hosting sites with ready-made templates.


These web-hosting services offer ready-made templates, with the basic structure of the website pre-made for you. All you have to do is to alter the text and images. Editing templates is a very visual process. You just need to drag and drop text paragraphs, photos and videos and see if you like how they are displayed, and tinker with the arrangements if you don’t.


With these resources, you don’t need knowledge in coding to build a website (of course, building a personal website from scratch with codes grants you maximum flexibility!), as long as you have a great idea, you’re good to go!

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