Learn how to curate your video assignments – from start to finish

Video assignments are an increasingly popular assignment type at university level. But it can appear rather intimidating because not everyone has experience in video projects. It does take practice to climb the steep learning curve, but once you get past the basics, you will be able to put forward a complete project.

Video production 101

We have produced a beginners’ course on video production for you. Through video tutorials, you will learn the basics of camera handling, shooting techniques, and an introduction to using video editing software.


Recommendations of free resources

The course also provides lists of recommended resources, including websites to download free graphics from, softwares on different operating systems, royalty-free music and audio files, and many more. Check out the course to unlock a library of resources at your disposal!


Editing software have become much more visual and user-friendly even for beginners, and with a smart phone in hand, you are ready to shoot anything – assignments, creative projects, and even a small documentary!

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