Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer a postulate about the future, but is already bringing noticeable impacts to our current society. Have you ever wondered how Netflix recommends your best movies? How does OKCupid search for a partner to match with you? How does Facebook show you advertisements in a similar manner? On a larger scale of decision-making and social change, will the AI revolution lead to a reform in our economy or a major disruption? Is it “simply” another Industrial Revolution? If AI, as some argue, can “think” in a human way, how can we ensure that AI maintains a similar ethical standard? This course will start by introducing what AI is, how it works, and then move on to its individual and social impact. We will explore existing or forthcoming applications of AI in different aspects of our lives, as well as in economic and social policy, and reflect on the ethical questions we will need to address critically.

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