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Folk dances of Southern India

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Dollu Kunitha
Dollu Kunitha is drum dance This dance form is performed in honour of Lord Beeralingeswara, an avatar of Lord Shiva. In addition, this dance form is essentially performed via a group, and involves swift body movements.

Veeranatyam or Dance of the brave (veera means brave; natyam means dance) is an ancient form of dance from the state of Andhra Pradesh, with associated religious significance.

Chhau dance
This dance form was basically created using elements of martial arts and tribal folk dances in the south eastern coast of India.

This is a stick dance and very popular dance in Andhra Pradesh. The dance form was originated in the Seventh century. This dance form has various names, in various regions of India. In Andhra Pradesh, this dance called as KolKollannalu, Kolattam and…

Bhaag Naach
Baagh Naach or Tiger Dance is performed in Binka, Sonepur of Subarnapur district and Brahmapur and in some parts of Ganjam district in Odisha. It is performed in the month of chaitra.

In this, the male dancer paints himself like a tiger. Thus, it…
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