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CCCH9027_03_Causes and consequences of tension between PRC, and Uyghurs.pdf
The poster contains four parts: What are the discrepancies between the Central government’s portrayal of Uyghurs and who they actually are; How do government policies contradict the official constitutional rights of Uyghurs; and How has political…

CCCH9027_04_Chinese government and Mongolians.pdf
The poster contains four parts: What is the history and basis of establishment of the Inner Mongolian Autonomous Region; What are the similarities and differences between The Republic of Mongolia and Inner Mongolia in terms of their provision of…

CCCH9027_06_Ethnic Tourism in Yunnan.pdf
The poster contains three parts: Are the policies effective to protect minorities from exploitation; Does ethnic tourism marginalize ‘authentic’ minority culture; and Does the profit from tourism benefit the minority groups

CCCH9027_02_Autonomy and Education in Tibet.pdf
The poster contains four parts: Under the education policy for ethnic minorities, how do the Tibetans benefit from the preferential treatment; To what extent does the PRC government encourage Tibetan language education in real practice; With…

CCCH9027_01_Assimilation of Mongols.pdf
The poster contains three parts: To what extent is the autonomy of the Mongol community affected; Does economic development contribute to assimilating Mongolian people; and Does education promote cultural assimilation to Mongol people?

CCCH9027_07_Koreans_ Opportunities and Challenges.pdf
The poster contains seven parts: Who are Koreans in China: Model minority; Education; Culture; Social & Economic opportunities; Identity; Chinese Koreans in the future.

CCCH9027_08_Rights of Uyghurs Stripped.pdf
The poster shows one of the China's ethnic groups, the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, containing four parts: Background, Tension, Right to religion, and Islam: Huis VS Uyghurs.
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