Application of Chinese Calligraphy in Daily Life

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Application of Chinese Calligraphy in Daily Life


Chinese Calligraphy
Daily Life


Other than being admired as an art, Chinese calligraphy is also applied in the daily life of Chinese in many different aspects, integrated into their transportation, festival, business, personal expression, and decorations.


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Fai Chun (揮春)
Fai Chun (揮春) is a traditional decoration that is often used during Chinese New Year. Chinese put Fai Chun in the doorways to create elated festive atmosphere. The phrases written on it usually means good luck and prosperity. Customarily, Fai Chun is…

Minibus Signs (小巴水牌)
Minibus signs are signs used to indicate the route, stations, and fare for red minibuses in Hong Kong, which are free to operate anywhere, except where special prohibitions apply, without a control over routes or fares by the Transport Department of…

Plaque (牌匾)
Plaque is a unique culture in China that combined Chinese characters, calligraphy, architecture, sculpture, and painting into one. It is usually a big sign that is put up in order to state or convey a strong and clear message to the others, for…

Tsang Tsou Choi's Calligraphy Graffiti  (曾灶財街頭文字塗鴉)
Tsang Tsou Choi, who named himself and widely known as the "Kowloon Emperor", is a street graffiti in Hong Kong. He creates graffiti creations of Chinese characters written with a brush on public walls on the stories. It tells the story of oneself…
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