This course introduces students to the tort law system and the general and particularized principles of tort liability. The course begins with a critical examination of the social and economic functions of the tort system. It then proceeds to an examination of the leading case law and principles in the main tort actions, beginning with a detailed analysis of the predominant tort, that of negligence. Important negligence-related concepts such as vicarious liability, contribution and limitation of action are considered, as well as the principle remedy for negligence, that of damages for personal injury and death. Torts closely related to negligence such as occupiers’ liability and breach of statutory duty are also studied, as are the tort-related no-fault accident compensation schemes for workrelated injury and disease. The course then proceeds to a study of trespasory torts, those torts that cause injury or interference through intentional conduct, and the remedies available. Torts causing damage to or interference with property and their remedies are then considered, including nuisance and Rylands v. Fletcher. The course concludes with an examination of and the remedies for the torts that protection reputation, principally, defamation.

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