This course aims to provide a hands-on and in depth survey of object oriented programming paradigm, and the basic concepts of data structures through the Java programming language. It serves to provide a solid foundation of essential concepts on object oriented programming and data structures that will be required in its sequels —including the Systems and Network Programming (Level-2), Distributed Computing Systems (Level-3) or Embedded Systems (Level-3).

Specifically, the course covers the following topics: basics of the Java development environment; Java applications and applets; Java syntaxes; control structures; methods in Java; iteration; recursion; objects; classes; interfaces; inheritance; polymorphism; overloading; overriding; wrapper classes; type conversions; strings; string manipulations in Java; Java exceptions; try blocks; throwing and catching exceptions in Java; byte and character streams; stream classes; file classes; file manipulation in Java; arrays; dynamic memory allocation; dynamic data structures including the dynamically linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, hash tables; sorting; searching; examples of Java applications.

Pre-requisite: ENGG1111 Computer programming and applications
Mutually exclusive with: ELEC1502, COMP2396, ELEC1503
Assessment: 0% practical work, 40% continuous assessment, 60% examination

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